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Lost Password
lost password

  1. Press the “Lost Password” button
  2. Enter you email address
    1. If it doesn’t work try another email address
  3. Go to your email client / program
  4. Find the email, and click on the link
    1. If you don’t find the email
      1. Look in you junk email folder
      2. Search for emails from
  5. Enter a new password
  6. Login and take your course

If this doesn’t work use the contact form to get help. Please remember that we can se that you have asked for a new password, and tried.


Staring a new course

  1. Click on the “Start taking this course” button


I can’t find the course I need to take?   Look at the email you got and click on the link.

I don’t know where my email is?   Contact your manager or use the contact form and get a new email.



Navigation of the coursenextlesson




Why can’t I complete a lesson  or take a quiz?Countdowntimer

You can’t complete a lesson or take a quiz before the video has ended. You need to stay in this window and watch the video the entire video to the end.

If you move away from this window the count down timer stops, even if the video continues to play. And you need to go back to the lesson window and continue where you stood watching.



Download the diploma





Problem with browser compatibility?


If you use an outdated version of a browser, the functionality of this and other websites may be comprised. So you need to update your browser to a newer one or a different one. Old browser may also be a large security risk.


We do recommend the following free browsers for PC, Mac, Linux, Phone or Tablet:

Opera (its made in Norway)

Google Crome